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Our Story

Orvim is located in the industrial area of Milano, in Northern Italy, in a rented building, whose total area is 1.500 m² (approximately 16.000 square feet).
It was born in 1999, when Instrumentation Laboratory (IL − a leader in the field of systems for clinical analysis) decided to consolidate the core of his industrial activities in the USA.
The existing R&D and Manufacturing operations were partially taken to Lexington, Massachusetts, and partially transferred to a company formed with former IL employees, ORVIM.

20 Years Of Experience

The newly formed company was requested to produce two instrument lines (Flame Photometers and 1600 Blood Gas Analysers) on behalf of IL.

In addition to that, ORVIM has been producing for IL:

  • Parts, expendable kits and subassemblies for the Coagulation Instruments (ACL line);
  • Parts, expendable kits and subassemblies for the 1700 Blood Gas Analysers (1700 line);
  • Glass and plastic (carrier) electrodes for Blood Gas and Clinical Chemistry Analysers.

Because of the skills and the extensive training of the IL employees (most of them with an over 20-year experience in clinical laboratory instruments) ORVIM has been also requested to re-manufacture, for the European market, analytical instruments produced by IL and other companies as CoulterToshiba and Shimadzu.

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Our Partners

In the past years ORVIM has been expanding the number of customers, especially in the field of analytical instruments and industrial measurement of pH − pO2 and ions (starting from the know-how about electrochemical sensors).
Today the most important customers are in the USA and in Italy.
The most important customers of ORVIM are:

  • Instrumentation Laboratory


  • Medica Corporation

  • Magellan Diagnostics

  • Biomerieux

  • Medical Systems

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Strathkelvin

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About us

The Quality System of ORVIM is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified.
In addition to that, ORVIM is registered in the FDA database. Currently ORVIM has 20 employees.
The production activity is mainly focused on the final assembly and the testing of devices. Machining, painting, moulding, casting and low technology operations are subcontracted to qualified vendors.