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ORVIM wants to operate with criteria that allow to maintain a high level of quality in order to present a good presentation both towards its customers and the specific market.

The strategic objectives of ORVIM are measurable periodically through the company registration documents and in particular the Management Review.

These are focused on confirming and increasing the annual turnover value and the related gross margin through the control of expenses and the quality of the products and services offered, meeting customer expectations by monitoring the requirements and improving organizational and production processes, promoting an environment conscious work by spreading the quality policy and objectives at all levels of the organization.

Among the strategic objectives there are the consolidation of the relationship with external suppliers of products and services and monitoring the set objectives and processing the non-conformities for the purpose of continuous improvement quality, analyzing all the risks coming from the organizational context and from the company’s weak points in order to prevent potential damage and determine solutions for growth and improvement. The quality policy is spread to the organization through the Management Review and posted on the bulletin board and on the company website.