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Blowing and Manufacturing of Glass and Polymeric Electrodes

ORVIM designs and produces electrochemical electrodes fon biomedical, industrial, water control and laboratory applications.

ORVIM glass blowers are highly skilled employees  with a lot of years of experience in the manufactoring of glass electrodes. The core competency as well as specialized equipment needed to produce ion sensitive glass electrodes are integral part of the organization.
To the best of our knowledge ORIVM is the only Italian company with the capability of manufactoring electrodes for the measure of pH, sodium, oxygen and carbon dioxide with different dimensions: from 2mm of diameter for biomedical applications to 12÷23 mm of diameter for industrial equipment.
The Orvim electrode department produces also ploymeric membrane for determination of calcium, potassium, chloride, nitrate and ammonium ions.
The electrodes manufactored by Orvim are:

  • pH: glass membrane (2 ÷ 10pH or 2÷ 14 pH without alkaline errors);
  • pCO2: glass membrane in contact with a gas sensing sheet;
  • pO2: amperometric electrode with different Pt dimensions (1 ÷ 10 mil);
  • pNa: glass membrane pNa 1000;
  • pCl: polymeric membrane;
  • pK: polymeric membrane;
  • pNo3: polymeric membrane;
  • pNH4: polymeric membrane;
  • pCa: polymeric membrane;